AI Video Content Detection

Do you want to increase monetization?

Our Video Content Detector can help in the follows cases:

  • Save storage space by cutting irrelevant content
  • Insert commercials despite missing SCTE marks
  • Replace source advert with targeted advertising
  • Classify inappropriate or illegal content
  • Detect precisely any type of video content

The wide range of models

Video Content Detector can use the broad range of content models from the simplest two-class model "content" vs "ad" till more sophisticated multi-class model "movie", "news", "sports", "ad" and so on. Video Content Detector is based on the algorithm which evaluates decoded picture the same way as your consumer does. This means our tireless "AI operator" is seeing the same picture as a human sees and just do not miss any block of targeted content.

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AI Video Encoder Solutions

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Custom solutions for encoding

Better quality, faster speed, lower cost

Use cases:

  • Realtime QP prediction model (accuracy: 95%, mean absolute error (MAE): 2)
  • Fast frame splitting with better quality of video
  • Adaptive bitrate control
  • Automatic parameterization of encoder based on content complexity for every frame/slice/tile

AI Logo Detector

Pay only for real displays of your logo on TV. Your logo is your money

Use cases:

  • Evaluation of the commercial part in sports
  • AI engine estimates the number of video impressions for each brand
  • The report shows the real importance of paid advertising
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AI Artifact Detection

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The machine will find the artifact on the last frame of a 4 hour film in the first 4 minutes, how many will find your “viewing”?

Video with artifacts transcoded in the middle of the pipeline will not find any tool except the human eye and our solution. We can evaluate of encoding quality without reference

Use cases:

  • Identification of artifacts of the broken stream even after transcoding
  • Analysis of the raw video without headers
  • Determining the number of artifacts in the stream and specifying their location on frame

AI Video Super Resolution

Improved quality for video sequences without temporary artifacts

Use cases:

  • SD to UHD with high quality of an image
  • Smart upscaling of pictures with high detail
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